2020年11月27日 投稿:stak編集部

The Smartest Person In The Room

Is the person who can tap into the knowledge of everyone in the room.

All parts rely on others to make a whole.

All wholes are the sums of their parts.

If you can see the parts, and you can do addition, you can create wholes.



I’m going back to Japan tomorrow after 8 months stuck back stateside.

For now, that’s all I’ll say on that, because for the next few weeks I’ll be talking about all aspects of the pandemic, visa, lockout, and return situation.



Having worked 8 months at Stak, I’d say that is very much our philosophy.

Not to do things the way they ‘ought’ to be done,

Not to do things because we feel we have to,

But do what we want to do. Challenge what we can do.



For whatever reason, I kind of want to keep today’s Blog short.

Corona put everyone’s life on hold.
The world maybe.

Mine was sent into a complete standstill.

It’s actually too much to put into words but I’ll do that bit by bit from here on.


New Macbook

I’d been meaning to upgrade to a new laptop for a mobile workstation for a while, and just in time, they came out with their new macbook with the Mac M1 chip.

I went in.

I cannot stand a lot of what Apple does.

Regardless of money and ethics, purely as a company who makes things:

Overall, inflexibility, a condescending attitude to their customers, and being out of touch.

Perhaps this is true for a lot of big businesses actually.

I can summarize all of this through one example. I downloaded an app from the internet, a small text-based game. When I tried to open it, apple told me I could not open it as they could not verify who produced it. This is annoying already, but then when you think you’d then be prompted with a choice like “Open Anyways” and “Cancel” it gives you two options: “Move To Trash” and “Cancel.”

So you can “Cancel” or “Cancel.”


Thank you so much Apple.

Not only am I forced to deal with their heavy handed attempt at controlling these things (probably in their mind to protect the customer from downloading dangerous files), I am unable to elect to take care of things on my own. I am not even given the option. AHHH.

They treat their customers as if they are incapable.

They take the bottom segment of their customer base, those who have the most issues and file the most complaints, and cater their entire design to them.

This is a common mindset businesses fall into that I think leads to unhappiness.

Anyways there is so much to like about Apple. Aesthetics, streamlined products, cleanliness, efficiency, reliability, Airdrop by itself, final cut.

The laptop’s great by the way.


First Commercial

Anyways, so I’ve been working on our first video.

As I may have mentioned in not so explicit language, ‘ll be making one a month for Stak.

I’ve been reflecting on my process of making videos until now, and considering my weak points and strong points.

I could sum it up by saying I would benefit from planning and structure. For the videos from now on I want to experiment with creating a defined story board, and trying to shoot the shots I lay out for myself ahead of time, to tell the story I’d already decided on, rather than trying to mix shots into a story. I’ve done the latter well, but success comes from pursuit of challenge.

Investing is something I’ve talked about. Investing in anything. In yourself. It seems to be the key to everything – success, love, happiness, growth. (Investing being movements today that create a better tomorrow, not sacrifice the present for the sake of an imagined future).

Perhaps the first thing that taught me about this was camera work. In photography and videography too, I cannot escape the simply feeling that “I suck” when I’m doing the act.

But when I look at the finished product… I just smile.

So I know every time I go out to shoot, I may feel bad or doubtful or unsure in the moment, but the product will be good.

Back to that first note on connecting parts together to make a whole..

I felt like just putting down resources off the top of my head that come to my aid.

Videography: Aidin RobbinsParker Walbeck | James Matthews

Jesse Driftwood | Movies With Mikey | Kraig Adams

Language: My friend Yuki | Dogen

Music: Calmed By Nature | alona chemerys | My Analog Journal

Beautiful Videos: In Russia | our deepest fear | Watchtower of Turkey & About




Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Eat up. Give Thanks.

Be filled with gratitude, which fills you with joy.

Stay safe and healthy.