1. The Road Back 帰り道

2020-12-09 投稿: Michael




“We’re really sorry, but all flights are cancelled at this moment. I think it would be best if you make arrangements to stay here in Australia for the foreseeable future.”

I stood there, stock still, in the line at Melbourne Airport.




It was like something out of a book. Because right at that moment, about 30 feet to my side, there came a resounding crack as if someone dropped a laptop down on the hard tile floor. When I looked over however, I could see with disbelief it was not a computer, but a person who had lost consciousness. There was even some blood slowly expanding on the floor from his head.

It was the feeling of chaos.

Me and one other guy went running over to a little medical care center thinking they could help, and were sorely disappointed. However, everyone around there moved around trying to do their part to help, and eventually the guy even sat up and made a joke and everyone laughed in relief.




This was March 26th.

During that week, that one fateful week where my Visa finally came out, countries around the world were closing their borders like dominos.

Following that, I figured my chances were pretty much spent and by some unfortunate twists of fate I wouldn’t be making it back to Japan. However, they still hadn’t closed their borders yet, so maybe if I could find one of the last flights out of Australia, I could make it back to my life that waited for me over there.





My search yielded me flights of about $8000 for any day sooner than April 7th. After choosing that day, and then beginning to pray I’d make it, some miracle occurred and on a whim I decided to check the site again. I could change my flight from the 7th to the 3rd for no additional charge. This also meant full commitment as I’d have to take the 10 hour trip to Sydney and leave my airbnb behind. If I couldn’t take this plane, I’d be in a truly scary situation.

About halfway along the 10 hour train ride, during some blip where I found phone service, I read this announcement online:

Commencing immediately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic,

Japan is closing its borders to all but those who possess Japanese citizenship.





For the next 10 weeks, I’m going to do be doing a series in English and Japanese on the journey that got me here. And by here, I mean at last, at -last-, entering Japan on a work Visa, all thanks to the support of stak family.

It’s gonna be a bit long, but I think there’s countless interesting subjects to cover along with a lot of important information on Visas and such that might come in handy to someone. And I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for after this.

At any rate. This is the end, and for the blog, the start.

See you next week.

1. イントロ • Introduction ← 今週 This week

2. オーストラリア、ビザ、情報 • Australia, Visas, Info.

3. 遠隔でできる仕事 • Work You Can Do Remotely

4. アメリカ • America

5. 日本 • Japan

6. 遠隔でできない仕事 • Work You Can’t Do Remotely

7. 仲間 • 娯楽 • Friendship and Fun

8. 遠距離 • 心の距離 • Long Distance, Emotional Distance

9. 感謝の日 • 家族 • Thanksgiving and Family

10. 再新規入国 • Re-re-entry





Saw this flyer on the ground when all that was happening and just burst out laughing.