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Our Philosophy

From points to lines, from lines to circles, and from circles, our world.

Combining a subtle touch with the masterful craftsmanship of modern times, stak is here to create the ultimate comfort.

We know that every sigh of relaxation, every breath of ease, is the result of countless little efforts stacked on one another.

Our modern world is overflowing with stuff. Until recently, our possessions would simply lie in wait for us to return home. Then AI and the internet came into the picture, breathing life into what previously was inanimate.

These new, in a way living, devices have defined our modern world.

While smart phones, long-distance automation, voice control and countless other inventions were just a few years ago considered luxuries, they are now becoming standards of our modern lifestyle.

We are being ushered onto the next era. However, we are still on our way there. As our global network continues to expand, transcending borders both intellectual and political, unprecedented ideas come too.

As always, advances born of reason and rationality will not escape criticism. Despite that, we at stak are committed to what we feel is paramount: doing the reasonable good.

For us at stak, that means working to create more time, which we feel is the most valuable commodity. Through reducing and streamlining inefficient aspects of our daily lives, we can not only create more time for ourselves, but spend it more meaningfully.

Having time is the first step towards using it effectively - and this is the path towards innovation and happiness.

Representing stak, Inc.: Shinichiro Ueda


Company Name
stak, Inc.
Founding February 2019
Location of Operation 1-10-16 3F Ushita Honmachi, Higashi-ku
Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Japan 732-0066
President Our CEO Shinichiro Ueda
Capital $USD300,000
Company Profile stak - Internet Based Development, Management, and Distribution.