Privacy Policy

We at stak understand the paramount importance of protecting the privacy of our customers, and of creating clear communication between companies and their customers. stak, Inc. (“stak,” or “we”) dictates the following policies to create a transparent, informative environment across all provided platforms, so as to adhere to all legal and regulatory guidelines and, ultimately, to protect the privacy of our users.

User Information

Our policy is both to gather and to protect user information. User information is defined as any information that can be used to identify you - that is, personal information (as outlined in Section 2 Paragraph 1 of the User Information Privacy Protection Law), as well as any information acquired through use of the services of our or our affiliates.

Information We Collect

Listed below is the information we may ask that you provide

  1. Name
  2. Company
  3. Phone
  4. Contact information
  5. Email address
  6. Any other information required

The use of our service implies consent that we may acquire any information regarding the manner of use and access.

  1. The device and means used to access our service.
  2. Any location based information obtained through the above.

Purpose of Use

We will never use our users information in any way that goes beyond the consent of our users or the purpose of use outlined in this policy. We will only use it for the purposes listed below.

  1. For user confirmation and if necessary for system maintenance.
  2. In dealing with payment issues.
  3. For personalizing our services and marketing.
  4. Upon cancellation or termination of contacts, services, etc.
  5. For dealing with violations of the Terms of Use.
  6. To inform about any changes made to our Policy or Terms of Use.
  7. For use in any dispute or litigation that may occur.
  8. In customer service or guidance provided to the user.
  9. In the creation of general user analytics (in which individual identification is impossible).
  10. For research conducted by universities and other academic institutions.
  11. For maintaining, improving, and providing services linked to previous use.

We and our affiliates will, only in accordance with the above outlined intentions and with the prior consent of our users, use User Information to improve our services and the experience of our users.

Alteration of Our Purpose

We reserve the right to modify the Purpose of Use outlined above in article 3, should it be deemed necessary and fair. If we do so, we will take every effort to fully inform our users of the change and how it effects them.

Gathering User Information

  1. We will only acquire User Information through honest and legal means, never resorting to false, misleading, or fraudulent means.
  2. Should we ever aim to acquire User Information from other means than those outlined above, we will inform our users of our intentions.


  1. We will take all appropriate and necessary measures to protect our users information in the event of any data breach, leak, or threat to the privacy of our users.
  2. We will also take all necessary measures, as outlined in the Non-disclosure Agreement, to ascertain any affiliate or partner of stak Inc. will maintain this standard regarding any User Information shared with them.


  1. stak and our service providers collect information through various technologies, such as cookies. Cookies are small text files saved by your browser when accessing different services (like ours).
  2. They help service providers identify the tools being used to access the server. However, they do not allow identification of the user behind the tools. Depending on the browser, it is possible to turn cookies off. However this may block access to all or some provided services.

External Services and Links

We may provide services that are externally operated through a third party (External Services). Should you visit our website and opt to use one of these linked services, be aware that we may share with them any of the User Information.

Disclosure of User Information

We will never disclose personal or user information in any manner other than that which is dictated as legal by the Personal Information Protection Law, and never do so without our user’s consent. Listed below are the exceptions

  1. Should it be deemed necessary to share User Information with a third party in order to achieve our Purpose of Use outlined in the Purpose of Use.
  2. In billing requests for outstanding payments to the company or to a bank.
  3. As noted in External Services and Links, should it be used with External Services.
  4. To carry out any measures taken against a user who should carry out or attempt to carry out any illegal action through the services we provide.
  5. Should it be requested in any urgent case relating to loss of life or wellbeing.
  6. To be carried over in the event of a merger or acquisition.
  7. To be presented if requested for legal or judicial reasons by police or other public institutions.

Disclosure of User Information & Revisions

  1. Request of disclosure, revisions, additions or removals of user information will be granted upon receiving a written request from the user him or herself (in the case of a proxy, confirmation will be required) with the necessary paperwork enclosed. Please note that a 1,000¥ charge is required for each disclosure request made.
  2. Should there be a request made according to the procedure outlined above, we will share User Information at our discretion. However, any legal guideline, such as the Personal Information Protection Law, will take precedence.
  3. Should we receive a request for the deletion of a user’s Information, and deem it necessary, upon receiving confirmation of the user, we will carry out their request and inform them of the actions taken.


We ask humbly that any inquiries, troubles, questions, or opinions be directed here:

Address: 1-10-16 3F Ushitahonmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
Company: stak, Inc.
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Regarding Change of This Policy

In the aim of improving and clarifying this policy, and to better protect the privacy of our users, we reserve the right to make changes and additions to the above paragraphs when judged necessary. With this, we pledge to notify our user base of any and all changes made, on our website. Should we aim to make any changes deemed by law as requiring the consent of our users, we will determine a way to ask for it.

Other Notes

While on our or our affiliates websites, it is likely that there will be links to unaffiliated services and web pages. We do not take any responsibility for our user’s information or privacy should they choose to visit these external sites.

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