remote module

An IR module that simplifies all your electronic appliances.

No more remotes, no more batteries, no more getting home and realizing you left your AC on all day.


How It's Made


Size (Outer diameter) 56.0mm x (Height) 21.0mm
Body Weight About 35g
IR Signal Range
  • Radius: ~6m
  • Horizontal: 360 degrees
  • Vertical: 180 degrees
*Slight variance depending other home appliances and from direct sunlight.


Abundant presets Picks up infrared signals from AC Units and TVs without needing to learn.
Remote Control You can operate the lighting module anytime, anywhere with your smartphone app.
Alarm Function Any of your devices can be set to turn on or off automatically at specified times.
Location Information No need to worry about forgetting to turn off your appliances. Just set it up to be based on your location.
Magnetic Connection Easy to take apart, easy to put together, but strong enough to stay together even if you drop it (try not to though!).


RoHS Directive Compliance
Production Area Japan
Power Supply DC5V