How to use

Construction-free setup

Here are the three steps you need to take to set up your stak. It's easy to get started without any electrical work.


Install it in a light bulb socket.

Make sure the lights are turned off and attach the stak unit to your home bulb socket.

If you have a light or remote control module at hand, connect it to the stak main unit.


Switch on the light source.

Once the stak is properly installed, turn on the wall light switch.

When the LED on your stak body turns blue, you are ready for your Wi-Fi setup.


Download the app.

Download the smartphone app to connect your stak to Wi-Fi.

Install and set up the app from the AppStore if you are using an iPhone or Google Play if you are using Android.

Tips on how to use it.

Tips on how to use it are available on YouTube.

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Introducing the stak family

Check the product specifications to see if you can use stak.

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