Time Is money happiness.

We had the internet. Then we had things. Then we had internet things.

Now we've just got too many things.And apps for each of those things.

There's a growing sentiment now that it would be easier to live without all this "convenience."

So we made stak.

Mods & Magnets

At first glance, stak is a smart light.

It certainly can be.

Though there are lots of smart lights out there already.

But really, stak is the sum of its parts.

Don't need a light? Put a speaker mod on.

Charger? Sensor? Camera? Deodorizer? Bug Repeller?

Just magnetically click it on.

Automation. Simplification.

Simple, central control over your home.

Whatever you mod stak to do, you then have full control over it.

Any time, any where, through app or voice.

Routine settings and automation.

With stak, you can program location and time based settings.

Have stak turn off the AC when you reach a mile away from home.

Or wake you up every morning (using light, sound.. something more creative?)

The possibilities are endless.

Data Analytics

Not just home, but business.

While we're excited for the simple joy of setting up stak at home, we're thrilled to offer data analytics across all stak devices.

Again, the potential is limitless. Monitor any stat you can think of across all your spaces.

Knowledge is Efficiency.

Build stak the way you want it.Use it how you need it.With less waste comes more time.With more time comes more meaning.

stak is revolutionary from a business as well as an environmental point of view.