How to get started with stak

First of all, thanks for deciding to try out stak.

Below we've outlined how to set up your device.


Register your user name on this page.

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Downloading the App

You can set stak up with Wi-Fi through the app.

Press the button below to get the App!

Plugging in stak

stak fits in any E26 socket - meaning your usual light socket. So just screw it in!

Regarding stak's glowing colors

When it lights up blue

stak is booting up, and not yet connected to Wi-Fi. If it's blinking blue, you can set up your device through the stak App.

When it lights up green

Your device has connected to your chosen router, so it's checking its connection to the internet.

No more colors

It's all finished connecting to the internet, and is ready for use through the App.

When it lights up purple

Purple means it's automatically updating itself to a newer version. Make sure while it's purple you don't disconnect it from power.