How many mods can I stak onto the Base?

At the most, you can stack on three different mods to your stak™ Base.

Each mod we will release requires varying amounts of energy to run, so it’s possible that this number will change depending on what you’ve stacked together.

Can you tell me what other mods will come out in the future?

2As of this point here is what is in the workings: the Bug Repeller, Speaker, Sensor (Motion) Mod, and the Colored Lights Mods.

If you have any ideas you would love to see made and added to the stak Family, please feel free to Contact Us and suggest it!

What size base light socket can stak™ fit into?

stak™ fits into specifically the E26mm base.

Do keep in mind that stak’s design requires an even balance to be maintained - so avoid sideways sockets and other angles!

Can I change the light temperature of the Light Mod?

Based on the July 2019 model of stak, the Light Mod is set at a moderate unchanging 2700K.

We are currently in development of other colors. Please check our blog for the most recent information.

What is the range for infrared signals like?

The Remote Mod will work so long as you keep in the 6m radius. Horizontally 360 degrees and vertically 180 degrees (we expect you won’t be using it from your ceiling).

Will stak™ ravage my utility bill?

At the most, stak can demand 10W of electricity. To that extent, we can say that it will not eat up electricity.

Running the Remote Set (stak Base, Light and Remote mods) landed us at 7.3W, which run 24 hours a day over a month brought us to a $1.40 electric bill from this stak device.

Furthermore, a stak device on standby eats up a mere 1.5W, which run over a month lands us at a $0.18 charge. So we expect you’ll be somewhere in the middle of this range.

Imagining a situation where your stak is switched on for roughly 8 hours a day would bring you to about $0.50 tacked onto your monthly bill.

Can you tell me more about the Pricing?

We at stak, Inc. have decided on a subscription model, starting at less than $5.00/month.

For more clear details please visit our Payments page. If you have any questions or want more details please do not hesitate to message us!

Why do I have to pay monthly?

Unlike other utilities and house appliances, this one will get better with time through steady firmware updates we will send you via the internet.

To make sure this is not a one time purchase that gets forgotten, we plan on long-term consistent work to improve the quality of your device and our service.

Along with that, we are of course working on many new mods and the stak App itself, all of which will be available without needing to replace what you already have.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re interested in cancelling, please use our Contact Form to get in touch with us.

We will be ready to get you and your stak device taken care of, and will just ask for a short period of time to deal with shipping and cancellation.